Goddess Code Academy is a holistic online platform created by Radhaa as a way to connect awakening humans into a more embodied, ascended and fully activated higher aspect of themselves.  We are becoming the galactic humans we were truly meant to be.

Tell me, do you feel a cosmic shift in your life, your body, your interests and desires?

It’s undeniable.

We are at such an incredible time on earth.

Both the ending and the beginning at the same time.

This is a cosmic event

And You are Invited...

Let us be done with the rigid, archaic, fearful, toxic programming. It is time to start of a new cycle. One of fierce self love, healing and total embodiment. We are in a time of great  transformation. The world may seem to be more chaotic than ever. And yet, we have an opportunity to integrate and transmute these seemingly chaotic energies within ourselves. The balance we seek outside, all starts from within. Nothing will ever change if we don't. So many sensitive healers, empaths, artists have natural gifts hidden within them their whole lives. The fear of persecution was pervasive. I know, I’ve had that fear my whole life too. For so long I chose to stay small, to self-sabotage, to hide my gifts and my inner knowings. But the time finally came where I had to courageously choose myself. After living in the shadows for so many years, I’ve chosen to stand in the light. Not just for myself, but to be a beacon for others too.

We are the witches they couldn't kill.

You can either be broken or be broken open

And now YOU have to choose…

Here we are with all of our magic. Power and potential. We can no longer afford to wait for someone else to save us. Now is the time to transform from scared to skilled. We are being called to mastery from within.

Oh Yes! You heard the call, and now you are here….

So what’s next?  There are a few ways to activate your gifts, to find the voice of your soul. It’s time to finally heal those heart and lineage wounds so you can step into your sovereign and divine greatness!

This is what you can expect to achieve when you join Goddess Code Academy. We offer powerful transformative programs, certification courses, and personal coaching sessions to uplift and empower you.  

We are here to provide you with the powerful and proven tools and resources to activate and access your divine power. This is a cosmic once-in-a lifetime call  you cannot miss. Yes, you are ready! NOW is that time! A time of courage where we are becoming galactic humans that are ready to bloom, upgrade, and ascend! You are an unlimited soul living this amazing human experience!

It’s as if you are already being called for a much higher purpose. You’re been looking for that very special guidance and leadership. You know deep inside you are leader yourself. You want to work with someone who allows you to flourish and thrive. Someone who’s not afraid to look at your darkness and still see your light. Someone who’s been through hell and back themselves and knows their way around and knows the way back home. Someone who can lead you from the fires to your own sacred throne. There is no competition here. Every woman is a Queen in her own right. You will learn to walk through fires as a fearless warrior of the light. I celebrate you. Your success, your happiness, your ability to manifest and create love, abundance and to embody the Goddess within you. Yes, as we step on the path to ascension, we see how important it is to embody all that we are. As we shine our light fully, we allow others to shine theirs too. One by one, it is already happening all around us. Will you join us?

At Goddess Code Academy, we offer support through:

  • Personal Healing Courses

  • Goddess Activations™ Training & Certification

  • Writing workshops and Creative Coaching

  • One to One Transformational Coaching Programs

  • Feminine Leadership & Visibility Training Programs

  • Opportunities to become a Published Author through Radhaa Publishing

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