Welcome! My name is Radha.


I am a master healer, intuitive teacher and the woman behind Goddess Code Healing. I've been working with women from all over the globe for more than a decade, helping them realize their own feminine power.  Just recently, I shifted all of my teachings onto a holistic, online educational platform, the Goddess Code Academy.


I stem from a lineage of Lemurian Shamans, with the mission to help awaken the women wounded in this masculine driven world. I should know, as I used to be a wounded warrior myself. And perhaps we’ve walked some of the same treacherous paths.

Maybe I am your teacher, your soul guide, or even your goddess sister. Either way, I am here to walk alongside you, to hold that sacred container for you whenever you’re ready.

I’ve taken every self help course fathomable, and over the course of a  decade found myself certified in more than a dozen healing modalities. Obsessed? You bet. Passionate to see women fully empowered?

Hell to the yes. 




When we work together, I implement my signature Goddess Code Activation, a meditative journey where we travel to meet your Goddess. Together, we'll discover all of the gifts you have to offer, while also releasing all of the baggage that’s preventing you from stepping into your most divine self.

Whether you're interested in working with me on a one to one basis, or if you feel like you're ready to soar through the Goddess Code Academy, I am here to help you.

Let's embrace all the parts of yourself, even the quirks, the shadows, the hidden gems that you are ready to activate.

My aim is not for perfection. Rather, I believe that you’re already whole and complete, as is.

There’s just something incredible about us women. When we’re brave enough to dive deep within ourselves, we are able to access the gold that lies within.



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