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A Ninety-Day VIP Program to help you Activate and Ignite Your Personal Power.

*Have you felt a loss of personal power in any area of your life?

*Do you need to cut cords or ties with people from your past or present that are holding you back.

*Are you ready to finally own your true Gifts and abilities that have been dormant?  

*Are you ready to finally release the shock, trauma or loss that has kept you from embodying your true self? 

You have come to the right place. My name is Radhaa, and I am an Alchemist and a Power Coach that has assisted many clients just like you. People usually find me after they have tried just about everything, and come to me with at least ONE urgent issue that they need cleared right away, whether it's a relationship discord, career conflict, creative rut, or unaddressed childhood trauma. They may be a burning fire within that is roaring for you to take action .There is an urgency to make that change NOW. You may have tried everything, yet your issues are still lingering...ENOUGH! Let's transmute that unsettling energy into powerful fuel. I am HERE to dive right in with you, as deep as you need to go with the Courage, Strength, Leadership and Compassion as your Guide. Each step of the way you will have the support you've always deserved and dreamed of with lasting results.

Your journey begins NOW. 



You have ideas, you may have a business, but it's time to Activate it. This is a weekend business intensive with Radhaa. Together we dive deep into you your business. We will be activating  your Business Blueprint and completely realigning your mind, body and soul to it so that you can be fully Empowered moving forward with Confidence. If you are a woman thirsting for a High touch experience and are ready to have a solid plan for your business with two full days of Coaching, Healing and Creating a Business Blueprint that is just right for You, THIS WEEKEND IS FOR YOU.

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This is a six month VIP Program. Your love is immensely powerful, a beautiful landscape of warmth and care that just yearns to be shared. But beyond any partner or any job, this power must be nurtured within. It must be shared with yourself, first. The Venus Rising VIP Program is a Shamanic journey that moves through the toxicity of past or current relationships and brings you to a beautiful place of deep and powerful clearing. In this three-month program, you will bloom into the most radiant goddess that you are, finally experiencing the magical nourishment of your own self-love.