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I choosing to do exclusive cliente sessions these days and have limited space for the sessions I offer. My sessions are very intensive, high-touch, life-changing experiences where I hold powerful and profound space for transformation. Therefore I only take clients that are very serious about their healing. My clients honor my work, and I honor my clients. They get exactly what they pay for.  Be ready to invest in yourself if you choose to work with me.  What sets me apart from other Coaches and Healers is that I have been certified in over a dozen modalities, spent a decade helping women with incredible results. I take my work very seriously and I only work that truly see the value in this work with me. In order to serve you better,  I have high regard for my work and I know the power of the results that my clients achieve through working with me. If this is what you have been waiting for, I am 100% here for you.  In Love, Radhaa

Heart Chakra Healing with Radhaa
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