Goddess Code Academy

The most important relationship existent today is the relationship you have with yourself.

This relationship goes beyond any partner or job, and it MUST be nurtured within.

Once you take this first step, you will be able to move deeply through the toxicity of your past or current relationships, finally releasing all that does not serve you.

Envision a place of complete love and absolute victory. A place where you do not have to apologize for who you are. A place that acknowledges your radiance and your power. A place where you oh so deserve to be.

You are not meant to do this alone, which is why I am here to journey with you every step of the way, helping you to rediscover the magic of your own self love. I will teach you how to manifest a life that's filled with more joy, more wholeness and pure authenticity.

In this six month Venus Rising VIP program, you will be able to lead a much more creative and rewarding life. A life that finally fills you.

Let's Activate Your Venus Code

The Golden Goddess within You

 The Goddess of Love, Beauty, Sensuality and Sex

Who thrives in her Sovereign Power

Who is in her Feminine Leadership

Who is intoxicating, luscious, and divinely attractive. 

In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility. She was the Roman counterpart to the Greek Aphrodite. However, Roman Venus had many abilities beyond the Greek Aphrodite; she was a goddess of Victory, Fertility and Success.

When a woman follows a masculine model of leadership, she becomes hard, and loses her connection with her own Feminine Power.

Trust me, I know, I experienced this myself after living and working in Los Angeles, I had to come back to my Goddess self, to do the deep healing and reclaim my own Venus Code.

Venus is a powerful feminine archetype leader.

Are you ready to get initiated in the

Venus Code ?

It's time to step into your manifesting Creatress. When you are in your Manifesting Creatress, people, opportunities and resources comes your way easily and effortlessly.

Are you ready to become a very magnetic manifestor ? 

Introducing The Venus Rising Six Month Initiation

Enter the golden door of the Goddess Code Activation. Here you will learn to embody the qualities of Venus and awaken within you the dormant energy that is hidden within you.

With Radhaa as your Goddess Guide,

You will be able to:


  • Activate Your Heart - Cleanse, Clear, Heal, Awaken your high heart. This will have a direct impact on the way you think and feel about yourself and others. Many times we hold people, emotions far too long..It's time to make some room and fall deeply in love with yourself.


  • Activate Your Queen Code - It's time to Activate your Queen Code. Let's restructure your beliefs so that you are the QUEEN and SUPREME AUTHORITY of your own THRONE


  • Activate Your Creativity - Ignite the creative spark, whether it is for a new or existing project


  • Activate Pleasure - experience your life through all your senses and start to make choices based on what feels good vs what feels obligatory


  • Activate Boundaries - Learn what healthy boundaries are and how to implement them, so that no one will ever dares to cross your boundaries again.


  • Activate Love  - You need to know how it feels to receive infinite love, which is why we will activate the Love that lies dormant within you.


  • Activate Your Business - Your power and passion fuel your business! So many times women come to me wanting to work on their love life and in the process of healing, they have a major breakthrough in their business. You see, how you feel about yourself and your worth is directly linked to your business. As a result of doing this deep work, your Business will be Activated. 


  • Activate Body Love - Trust me, I know what it's like to struggle with body issues. I had body dysmorphia, and as a result I had to learn how to love my body. The gift of this process, is that I helped many other women learn to love their bodies through belief work, healing and Activate Body Love and create a positive image that empowers You!


  • Activate Your Throat Chakra - We will unlock and activate your throat Chakra so that you can Speak Your Truth. It's time to step more powerfully into your soul path and purpose.


  • Activate Your Inner Child - With Goddess Code, You will Learn to nurture, connect and work with your inner child. The shadow part of you that is longing to be seen, heard, and loved. 


It's time to bloom into the most radiant goddess that you are.




"Radhaa is AMAZING! I had an ex-boyfriend who was not good for me, but I kept going back to him. Radhaa was able to give me my life energy source back, and after our session, I had no desires to communicate with him. This has never happened before. Radhaa was so helpful and caring. I could tell she really was concerned about my well-being. She even called me the following day to check up on me. That was not expected. You can tell she really wants to help people, and that is so rare to find these days."


Venus Rising.jpg


We meet two times a month: 1:1 Coaching Calls every other week for six months.

(10,000 value)

You will receive 4 x 15 minute emergency sessions. This is a quick and powerful energetic tune up and clearing.

( 1,500 Value) 

You can send me nine emails where you recieve support through the process

( 3,333) 

Plus some bonuses!

Bonus #1: Custom Healing MP3

This custom-recorded meditation will bring in your Divine Power, and you'll be able to listen to it as often as you'd like ( $333 Value)

Bonus #2: Divine Masculine MP3

Meet Your Divine Masculine and Experience the Love and Pure Essence of your own Divine Self. Through this recorded meditation and Activation, You can access and speak to your inner Divine Masculine. It is time to create an energetic bridge and get the support you need from your Divine Masculine ( $333 Value)

Bonus #3: $500 credit

To use toward your next Goddess Code Academy  program.

This is good for 3 months after completion!

Total Value of this program $12,266

Your cost only $9997

Payment plans available



Here are a few of the Healings

you can choose for your session. 


We will look at your past-present-future love patterns and multi-dimensional relationship karma.



Learn to Awaken your divine Yoni Goddess Energy. The shaming of women and female sexuality is an outdated belief that has been passed down for ages, as a result of a primitive and patriarchal society. On a cellular level, these ancient projections will be infinitely cleared, encouraging you to embody your sexuality in a radiant and empowered way. 



A journey to meet Goddess Venus - we will travel together to another time and space where we access and call forth Goddess Venus. You will be downloaded and infused with her energy that is unique to you. This transmission and activation is a sacred Initiation into the Goddess Codes. 



Let’s Re-create your unique Love Story by clearing all negative underlying beliefs around your self worth, allowing you to manifest true love.



As a defense mechanism against trauma, our hearts can construct a “heart wall” that may begin at childhood, blocking true love from coming in. In this Heart Chakra Healing, I will tap into your deepest hurts and, with your permission and the power of Theta Healing, tear down the heart wall and activate this center with high-frequency love.


I'm not going to let you go without putting you on the right path.  Here, we will remind you of your own intuitive gifts and realign you to your soul purpose. 


It is my Honor to assist you in this Venus Rising Program!

With Love, Radhaa