I'm so happy that you are interested in Venus Rising VIP, a program that is both extremely powerful and highly transformational.

Venus Rising VIP is a three-month, life-changing experience where I will work closely with you, one on one, to help you reconnect with yourself through deep soul work. At the end of this, you will fall head-over-heels in love with yourself. 

Because of the amount of space I hold for my clients, I am selective with the candidates that come forth. I only select up to 8 women a year for this specific program. If you resonate well with this program and its benefits, I encourage you to carefully fill out the application form below. Whether we work together or not, taking the time to heal and work on yourself is truly the best investment you'll ever make. Congratulations to you, because this a massive step toward your personal breakthrough. Best of luck!

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I understand that by filling out this application form, I am in no way, under any obligation required to join the Venus Rising VIP Intensive. I understand that if I am selected and if, after speaking with Radhaa to determine this is the right fit, I commit to the deposit, and will pay in full prior to the start of my session. I understand that I am a client and Radhaa is the guide and mentor throughout this journey. I understand the client and mentor relationship. As a participant in the Venus Rising VIP Intensive, I give the experience my full 100% willingness and I am aware that this is a co-creative, experiential process. I am wholeheartedly committed to completing the program for it's three-month duration.

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