• We meet for 2 times a month, 1:1 Coaching calls every other week // valued at $5982

  • You get my personal cell phone number for text support in between

  • You receive 4 x 15 minute emergency sessions, when you need a quick coaching, clearing session or energetic tune up // valued at $997

  • YOU RECEIVE 5 additional SESSIONS listed below // VALUED AT $5285


With Radhaa as your Goddess Guide, you will be able to:

  • Invoke the #GoddessCode in your day to day life.

  • Manifest a life with more joy, wholeness and authenticity.

  • Unlock your Throat Chakra to speak Your Truth.

  • Stop apologizing for being a Radiant and Powerful Goddess.

  • Access Your Soul Blueprint and Own your Unique Destiny.

  • Harness and cultivate Your Personal Power ( no more giving it away)

  • Connect with, heal and learn to self soothe Your Inner Child

  • Accept and Integrate your Shadow Self 


  • Activate Your Inner Compass and Intuition to guide you

  • Heal the relationship within Yourself, so you can have a relationship with your parents, lovers, children, friends and colleagues.

  • Balance Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

  • Learn to Receive Love, Nurturing, and Abundance

  • Lead a more creative, fulfilling and rewarding life by awakening your True Self.

  • Learn to make conscious choices that are for your highest good.

  • Accept and value yourself — with a deeper, liberated understanding

  • To live your Soul Purpose with confidence and clarity.

In our sessions, I will tune into what you need most. Some of the specialties I offer in these sacred sessions are:



A journey to meet Goddess Venus - we will travel together to another time and space where we access and call forth Goddess Venus. You will be downloaded and infused with her energy that is unique to you. This transmission and activation is a sacred Initiation into the Goddess Codes. 


In-depth Akashic Love Reading // valued at $997

We will look at your past-present-future love patterns and multi-dimensional relationship karmas.  


Love Story Re-creation // valued at $997

Let’s Re-create your unique Love Story by clearing all negative underlying beliefs around your self worth, allowing you to manifest true love.


Heart Chakra Healing // valued at $997

As a defense mechanism against trauma, our hearts can construct a “heart wall” that may begin at childhood, blocking true love from coming in. In this Heart Chakra Healing, I will tap into your deepest hurts and, with your permission and the power of Theta Healing, tear down the heart wall and activate this center with high-frequency love.


Sexual Radiant Awakening // valued at $997

Learn to Awaken your divine Yoni Goddess Energy. The shaming of women and female sexuality is an outdated belief that has been passed down for ages, as a result of a primitive and patriarchal society. On a cellular level, these ancient projections will be infinitely cleared, encouraging you to embody your sexuality in a radiant and empowered way. I will guide you


Plus some bonuses...

Bonus #1: custom healing meditation // valued at $333

This custom-recorded meditation will bring in your Divine Power, and you'll be able to listen to it as often as you'd like

Bonus #2: healing transmission // valued at $597

Meet Your Divine Masculine and Experience the Love and Pure Essence of your own Divine Self. Through this recorded meditation and Activation, You can access and speak to your inner Divine Masculine. It is time to create an energetic bridge and get the support you need from your Divine Masculine

Bonus #3: $500 credit towards your next VIP program. Good for 3 months after completion



"I am done with hiding. I am ready to break free. In love, in soul, in me."