Forever Love Formula Summit

Hosted by Kim Quick


My topic is going to be wooing the Queen within. When she is happy, she naturally attracts love. To listen to this exclusive interview & get a FREE Queen Code Meditation, Sign up HERE:

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Speaker Series on February 12th, 2018

Hosted by Kristina Campbell

I am so honored to be part of wildly empowering and educational Summit hosted by Kristina Campbell. In this Summit I will be speaking on how Goddess Activations can help heal the feminine wounds. As we know, the feminine has suffered a great distortion around her sexuality. She is taught to be pretty, pleasing and sexy from a very early age, and learns that sexuality is not her own, but more often than not, a 'thing' for men. Through this cultural training, women have lost connection to their own sexuality and in some ways, personal power. By calling upon the Goddess Activation