My very inspiring friend, Gila Nehemia, has featured me in her new online video interview series: Break the Silence: Explore Creative Ways to Express your Erotic Divine Feminine Nature Freely. This series starts NOW! She was a domestic violence victim and changed her life around to live an erotic pleasurable life. I recommend you learn more about self-love, self-pleasure, sacred sexuality and more in this groundbreaking free series! I created a very special healing you can download as a Free Gift with my interview. You have a complimentary ticket when you click HERE: 

Radhaa Nilia - sacred sex

Sex and sacred sexuality have been on my mind for us women and when I was invited to be an expert speaker on Sexual Freedom for Women, I was over the moon excited with the powerful line up of Speakers who are all making big changes in the way we think about Sex. Hosted by Kristina Campbell who is leading women to sexual freedom. I highly suggest you join if you could use more support in your sexuality and are ready to be free from shame, guilt to owning your sensual side. Join HERE for FREE & receive interviews and gifts in your  mailbox for the next week! Sign up HERE:



Radhaa Nilia - Heart Chakra Healing


This is an intuitive and interactive experience with Radhaa where you are able learn techniques on how to start healing your own heart and how to work with others.  Radhaa has over a decade of extensive experience in the healing arts globally, which she now brings for the first time ever to Spiritual Origins in Huntington Beach. She comes from a lineage of indigenous shamans as well. Her workshops and summits are premium experiences and highly sought after. In this workshop you can have a premium experience at just a fraction of what her normal workshops cost. Early Bird Fee is $25.00

Take advantage of this opportunity and sign up for this workshop to experience a deep level of healing to your hearts. February is Heart Health month and it's important to not just nourish your heart physically but emotionally too. This is an excellent investment that your heart and soul will love.

This event is SOLD OUT.

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