Selma Morales Harwell, Raven Haven, CALIFORNIA

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"I am still in awe of the Goddess Activation. I had the honor of experiencing Radhaa. As a quantum energy healer, I have had many deep healing experiences, but what I experienced with Radhaa was profound and unlike anything I have come across on my journey. "

"I came to Radhaa to release judgment and stress from my heart and energy field. She went far beyond what I could ever expect. First we journeyed and cleared the dense energy from my field that was weighing me down, and then the Activation occurred. Radhaa is one of the purest and clearest healers and channels I have ever worked with. The activation began when Goddess Quan Yin, one of my personal guides came in and provided us with healing and messages." 

"Quan Yin communicates to Radhaa with so much speed, movement, and expression. Radhaa was able to receive her light language and relay all the messages to me. She held the space for healing. Quan Yin upgraded my whole system. I felt her from head to toe. I felt her in my cells and my DNA! The energy passed through me so deeply and powerfully that created an inner peace, I've only ever experienced in Dreams. It felt like Heaven! I felt all my old programming get deleted and a new system of pure Light energy, Compassion, and Unconditional Love filled my being! "

"I came to her wanting to activate my heart, but she activated my entire being."

- Susan Hassen

Quantum Sphere Healer

"Radhaa is more than a Healer and a Spirit Guide. She has a connection to the Goddess Energy! She is able to translate through all the dimensions. She brings it into her clients. I came to her wanting to activate my heart, but she activated my entire being."

"The messages I received from her and Quan Yin brought me to the next level of my spiritual journey and embodiment. I was shown my mission as an anchor of light and how much I am contributing to humanity's shift in consciousness."

"All of my doubts and fears about myself dissipated after working with Radhaa."

"I emerged as my highest self. The Goddess Activation leveled me up. It showed me my power and allowed me to embody it. Even though it was Radhaa who was speaking to me on the phone, I could feel Quan Yin coming through my Body and Heart. I could feel her in my room! Radhaa has a unique connection to Spirit and she has the gift of healing the soul and bringing the true self forward. I am so grateful for her work and for the Goddess Code Activations. Radhaa's work has forever changed my life. She is a Kind, Powerful Soul who knows herself and knows how to Activate and Empower others. She has made me a better Healer and person, and I cannot wait for the world to experience her gifts. The Goddess Code is here to allow us to reclaim our divinity, and I am so grateful for this truly powerful and incredible work!"

- Susan Hassen, Quantum Sphere Healer, Los Angeles

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"Yesterday I had a Goddess Activation session with Radhaa Nilia. It was powerful and exciting. I was filled with a surge of electricity and a pulse of determination that hasn't lost its fuel even 24 hours later. I'm on the verge of a new thing happening in my business and life. Radhaa provided me with clarity and deeper understanding of the root of my blocks. She cleared those blocks and I got a powerful jolt towards my next great thing! Radhaa is kind, caring and compassionate and gave me great insight to the questions that have been lingering in my Spirit. If you haven't signed up for her Goddess Activation Session, go do it now! Wait...why are you still reading this. Go sign up already! You know you want to."  

- Tami Lynn, Owner of Fabulously Designed, CALIFORNIA




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"WOW. I have taken 2 weeks to write this review to fully evaluate the value of my session with Radha. During the session and directly after I was BLOWN away. My feet were no where near the ground as Radha provided me with an unbelievable amount of love, healing, guidance and pure magic. I was feeling so fantastic that I was worried it would not last. Well it did! Here I am 2 weeks later, more confident, more secure in what I am doing. Every little piece that she helped me to put into place was crucial and each piece has brought about it's own healing. I can feel my vibration has been lifted and in a way that will stay with me. Radha's Goddess activation did EXACTLY that. She provided a safe, loving space where I could activate the gifts within myself that previously I could not access. Clarity, confidence, direction, actionable steps, healing and crazy amounts of love is what you will get out of a session with Radha. I highly, highly, highly recommend."

-  Tracy Gaudet, Energy Alignment Coach, CANADA


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"Radhaa is truly a Goddess and I've kept evolving since our session, and Oh my goodness, I just birthed my cosmic self with Radhaa today!" 

We are blessed to be able to experience her healing and love. Don't hesitate to move forward with Radhaa. She's the real deal. The experience was absolutely magical, playful, all the colors of the rainbow, glitter, gold and gorgeous. "

She was so loving, so knowing, so wise.  A warm and natural guide. I feel blessed and forever transformed. The long awaited drawings and Art I do to today will be dedicated to Radhaa and her divine gifts. Don't wait to experience Radha. She is the Golden Goddess of Love and Light. She is simply divine and miraculous."

- Val Cripps, Best Selling Author, CALIFORNIA

"Wow, Radhaa is a gifted Healer!"

 "My biggest block has been around not acknowledging to fully heal my inner child. She was able to tap into that and she was able to notice and help me open up more fully to release and heal areas of my life that I had been unaware of."

"Only healers like Radhaa with a very high vibration are able to affect my energy and she is of that caliber. She is a woman of very generous spirit who I am so grateful to have shared her remarkable gifts with me."  

Dana Kalin Narayanappa, Success Priestess, Arizona

Dana Kalin Narayanappa, Intuitive Business Success Coach, ARIZONA


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"In the healing session with Radhaa, she helped me release a deep, old pattern of negativity that was draining ALL my body and ALL my Soul."

"I could feel my Soul coming back fully into my body and literally saw ALL that Energy surround my body for an hour after the healing. "

"I am back in my Power and was able to release a toxic relationship with abusive family members, something that I have been struggling with my whole life, in only one Powerful session!

"The experience is amazing and Radhaa’s energy is calm and sweet. I would say that I recommend her work, but honestly, you need to see and feel her work Yourself.

It will change your life!"

 - Anjara B. Akashic Reader, UK



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"Thank you so much for the deep and very Powerful Healing session. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but the work with you allowed me to Reclaim, and Align my Feminine Power in amazing ways."

"Radhaa provided a clear, and secure space that allowed me to tap into deeper layers of healing that I thought had been done before our work came together. "

"Clearing these deeper layers of shame, on top of unearthing matriarchal patterns running several generations back has given me a new sense of freedom, and ability to stand in the truth of who I am and what I am here to do. "

"Your deep insight, and multi-dimensional approach cleared out outdated soul contracts, giving me permission to lovingly choose myself over the limiting relationship patterns that were keeping me stuck.Thank you, Radhaa!"

- Tara Preston, Beauty Shaman, Canada


"I just had an awesome Healing session with Radhaa. She has such a calming and nurturing presence.Through her thoughtful questions she was really able to help me get to the root of my issue. Once there, she used her ability to remove any blocks I had in that area.Following my session, I felt this immediate sense of peace and calm and a renewed sense of hope and confidence in my own creativity and abilities. Thank you Radhaa for your time and energy." -  - Jessica Millet Arnett, Hawaii 

"I have had the privilege of working with Radhaa for a couple of years. She is truly remarkable. "

"I was very new to spiritual healing and guidance.  At first, I was a bit skeptical about how everything worked.  Radhaa is one of the most inspirational and thoughtful people I have ever met."

" I have found a new sense of joy and happiness in my life thanks to her help and healing.  Radhaa is a true professional, yet you can feel how much she cares for you over the phone, during a distance healing session. I have learned so much about myself throughout this amazing journey and with Radhaa's help, I've been able to identify areas in all aspects of my life that needed to be cleared of old shock and traumas. 

"Radhaa listens to your needs very closely, and her guidance has been instrumental in my life."

"I recommend Radhaa to my friends and family all the time!  It has been a true honor working with such a gifted healer." - Stacey W., CALIFORNIA

"I was never skeptical of Energy Healing, but with zero expectations, I was very surprised to see that after one session with her, it improved my quality of living."

Radhaa, you have helped me find my center, to rebuild the foundation of my emotional well being. I have suffered from chronic depression, anxiety and obsessive thoughts most of my life, due to low self esteem, from trauma I suffered from my childhood."   

"Radhaa has a true gift and I am grateful for the compassion and wisdom she brings to my life."

 "A calm transformation and sense of peace that cannot be ignored, or dismissed as coincidence. Radhaa's presence is both comforting and dynamic and she has an incredible understanding of the principles of this practice and an ability to connect deeply with people. She gets to the core of the issues. I trust Radhaa as a true healer."

- Alison Beals, Owner of Style Delivers, LA, CA


"Radhaa is AMAZING! I had an abusive narcassistic ex-boyfriend who was not good for me, but I kept going back to him. Radhaa was able to give me my own Life Energy Source back.

And after working with her, I lost my desire and addiction to this abusive relationship. I was never successful before. Radhaa was so helpful and caring with my process. Her concern was genuine. She even called me the following day to check up on me. That was not expected. You can tell she really wants to help people, and that is so rare to find these days."

-Ursula Glen, Woodland Hills, CALIFORNIA

"I cannot say enough about Radhaa. She is the real deal! She listens to what your needs are, and diligently starts working to clear away the blocks holding you back. I've seen Radha multiple times, and I always walk away feeling calm, centered and transformed. I've seen my relationships improve, and I reconnected with myself on a deep, spiritual level. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Take my advice -- book an appointment."

-Meg S. San Diego, CALIFORNIA

"Radhaa, I want to Thank you SO much for your healing session. It helped cut the ties on a relationship that was very unhealthy for me. Even though I had broken it off, I couldn't move on and was consumed with sadness & very afraid of being alone. Since our session, I have been able to see and react to that relationship much more objectively. I have also never felt so strong on my own.You have given me a stronger sense of contentment and hope for Love in the future. Peace and Love." 

-Brenda Blanco, NEW JERSEY

Video Testimonial from Michelle Casto who did the Pele Power Vision Quest! 

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