We tend to forget ourselves, our compass and all the gifts we have to offer. We’re always looking to the masculine or our partner to fill us.

That projection needs to be shattered.

The Shakti Awakening is an intimate day that we will share with each other, melting away and releasing all that is not of you, and showering yourself with all that is you. You will finally be able to access your authentic power that has long been lost.

As your activator and guide, I will reflect back to you all of the magic I see - the beauty, the essence, the enchantment.

I warmly invite you into my sacred healing space in Los Angeles for a one-to-one experience. We start with a tea and fruit ceremony, where we set the intentions for the day, and manifest all that you want to achieve.

Then, we start the work with a deep clearing in which you can bring in any of your issues. I will guide you through a Shamanic journey to remove any blocks, old beliefs and negative patterns.

After treating ourselves with a nourishing lunch, we invoke the Priestess Energy and essence through the Heart of the Priestess Love Activation. Here, you will learn to experience the deepest love for yourself. You will be pampered with rich oils, and graduate to a higher frequency that you can come back to.

This is a heart, mind and body experience.

We will create the masks that you wish to clear - rage, sorrow, depression, resentment, dis-ease, guilt, shame, fear - and offer them to Goddess Shakti to be released.

Finally, I will lead you through a fun, tribal and sensual goddess belly dance routine, releasing any remnants of old energy and pulling in light to rebalance your chakras. You will feel sexy and alive as we recreate your relationship with your body through fun, love and movement.

In this full-day initiation, you will receive:

One full day of deep clearing that may touch upon:

Timeline healing // valued at $997

Shamanic vision quest // valued at $997

shadow integration // valued at $997

sexual radiance revival // valued at $997

creatress activation // valued at $997

Shakti Goddess Code Activation // valued at $1297

A complimentary brunch

kundalini belly dance lesson to inspire your mystical charm

Celebratory Ceremony + certificate

Egyptian scarf and Third Eye bindi to remember all the love you gave to yourself


Plus a bonus...

Bonus #1: custom healing meditation // valued at $333

This recorded meditation will bring in your Divine Power, and you'll be able to listen to it again and again


Pay in full: $5997

or 2 payments of $3500


"I am ready to create the life I love, and oh so deserve."