Basic Training & Certification Program

This program is for those who are ready to dive deep into their self-love & self-healing journey. 


Because it's TIME to step into the DIVINE!

This is a Sacred Invitation for YOU.

Learn this unique modality

Goddess Code Activations™

Calling in the Change Makers, Healers, Artist, Educators,  Coaches, Visionaries.

The Time Has Come!

Somewhere inside you, you are ready to receive Support, Healing and Activations unlike anything you've experienced before.

We will be spending the summer together to awaken the dormant Code that has been waiting for eons to be Activated within you. The Quan Yin Goddess Code.


"I came to Radhaa to release judgment and stress from my heart and energy field. She went far beyond what I could ever expect. First we journeyed and cleared the dense energy from my field that was weighing me down, and then the Activation occurred. Radhaa is one of the purest and clearest healers and channels I have ever worked with. "

"The activation began when Goddess Quan Yin, one of my personal guides came in and provided us with healing and messages. Quan Yin communicates to Radhaa with so much speed, movement, and expression. Radhaa was able to receive her light language and relay all the messages to me. She held the space for healing. Quan Yin upgraded my whole system. I felt her from head to toe. I felt her in my cells and my DNA! "

"The energy passed through me so deeply and powerfully that created an inner peace, I've only ever experienced in Dreams. It felt like Heaven! I felt all my old programming get deleted and a new system of pure Light energy, Compassion, and Unconditional Love filled my being! Radhaa is more than a Healer and a Spirit Guide. She has a connection to the Goddess Energy! She is able to translate through all the dimensions. She brings it into her clients. I came to her wanting to activate my heart, but she activated my entire being. The messages I received from her and Quan Yin brought me to the next level of my spiritual journey and embodiment. I was shown my mission as an anchor of light and how much I am contributing to humanity's shift in consciousness."

"All of my doubts and fears about myself dissipated after working with Radhaa."   

   - Susan Hassen, Quantum Sphere Healer, LA

*All details will be sent to registered students. 


 You will Receive: 

Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls

Six Sacred Healing Activations™ you can keep and listen to over and over again!

1. Heart Chakra Healing Activation™

2. Lineage Healing Activation™

3.Abundance Code Activation™

4. Forgiveness & Healing Activation

5. Masculine-Feminine Code Activation™

6. Star Code Activation™

You will be added to my personal altar, where you get 15 minute healing transmission every Sunday morning. 

*Payment Plans Available - email goddesscodeacademy@gmail.com 


Bonus #1: 

Beautiful Certificate

Bonus #2: 

Goddess Protection Prayers

Bonus #3:

Secret Facebook group 

Bonus #4: 

50% off all private Coaching & Healing packages

Bonus #5:

A Welcome Packet to get you started

Bonus #6:

Sacred Closing Ceremony Celebration

Experience Deep Sense of Belonging

Finally Heal those hidden resentments and core wounds through working with Quan Yin. 

Goddess Code Academy, Radhaa Nilia, Amethyst.jpeg

Receive the feminine way, with Grace and Ease.

Let's Relax into our Divine Essence, together. 


About Your Goddess Guide:

Radhaa is an intuitive teacher, holistic healer and the woman behind this original healing modality called...

The Goddess Code Activations™

Radhaa is the founder of Goddess Code Academy™ a mystical school for the divine feminine, with the mission and vision of serving women through holistic education and empowerment.

Radhaa stems from a direct lineage of Shamans, working with women to heal their heart, soul wounds and helping them find their true purpose.

In addition Radhaa has been trained and Certified in over a dozen healing modalities over the last decade.

Join Radhaa in this exciting program,

Goddess Quan Yin Activation™ Certification Program.

You are worthy of investing in your Higher Self.

I Believe in YOU!

Love, Radhaa

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You are worthy of investing in your divine education.

Here at goddess code academy we create our courses straight from source.

For any questions, please contact us: goddesscodeacademy@gmail.com