Quan Yin Goddess Code Activation Certification Program Early Bird Enrollment Opening May 25th, 2017

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In this 6 week Quan Yin Goddess Code Activation Program,

You will truly learn to walk the path of Goddess Quan Yin.

This beautiful program is filled with pure love, teachings, healing and compassion that allows you to dive deep into the realm of Goddess Quan Yin. Here You will soften into her feminine grace, as she renews and embraces your Spirit throughout this journey.

This is not your typical program, it is infused with the pure essence and teachings of Goddess Quan Yin. You will learn what compassion truly means, starting with yourself.  If you are an Empath you will also learn how to create boundaries by loving and honoring yourself first.

With the Quan Yin Goddess Code Activation Program, You will learn:

How to Awaken Your High Heart

Learn the Art of Healing through Compassion

Embody the Essence of a Gentle Goddess

Experience a Deeper Sense of Peace

Open to Receive more Blessings

Learn Sacred Rituals to Invoke the Goddess

Activate Your Quan Yin Code

Heal Yourself, Heal Others with the Goddess Code

Become a Certified Quan Yin Goddess Code Activator

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: $1,297.00 or 3 payments of $497.00


After you send your payment, email goddesscodeacademy@gmail.com

You will receive a WELCOME LETTER with all the details for your Certification Program!

The price of this Certification program goes up by June 15th to $1,997.00.

I am looking forward to this incredible journey with You! Love, Radha