My name is Radhaa.

I am an Artist, Healer, and Goddess Code Coach.

I spent nearly a decade in the Healing Arts, collecting 18 certifications in multiple healing modalities. But I tell you with all of my heart, I have learned the most from my very own experience and transformation. 

I had my own healing crisis -- Breast Implant Illness.

As a teen, I was teased for being small-breasted. I hadn't developed myself as a person yet, so I gave into the pressure of fitting into other people's standards. Who doesn't? I was naive and was highly influenced by mainstream media, and I believed that the only way to be loved was to follow the media's lead of what beauty was.

I got my breast implants when I was just 18 years old. Not much information was shared about them at the time. I just remember my doctor insisting that it was safe, and I will never forget my mother's dark premonition about the whole thing. The pull from mainstream media was much stronger than her wisdom, so without thought, I drove to the hospital as she chased after me. The staff rushed me in and shut the doors on my mother.

Fast forward a decade and a half later. My health rapidly declined despite my clean diet. My girlfriends called me the "organic girl." I was only eating organic food, juices everyday, raw smoothies, ginger shots, kale, you name it. I was the bill of health, yet no doctor could identify what was wrong with me. With no answers, I hit rock bottom...almost paralyzed in the body. My brain was swollen, the inflammation was so chronic, with shooting pain in every part of my being. Every cell in my body was screaming.

With 40 deliberating symptoms that made me near non-functioning, I did my own research. I stumbled across an article about Breast Implant Illness, and discovered a group of women who had been going through the same thing. I had Breast Implant Illness, and I was among thousands of beautiful women who shared the same suffering. I was dying by the minute from silicone poisoning.

During that time, I was in a state of constant prayer. One night, Pele came to me. I was told that I had just four weeks to live, and I needed to take action immediately.

I contacted a doctor that specialized in breast implant removal - he was one of the top explant surgeons in the world, but found out he was fully booked through 2017. I was devastated, desperate for some sort of relief. Then a miracle came through. I received word that they could fit me into their schedule, and I would have my surgery in three weeks. Talk about divine timing.

I didn't waste any time and embarked on my own Vision Quest. I was led to Volcano Arenal in Costa Rica, and it was there that I called upon Goddess Pele, asking her to grant me the courage to recreate myself in mind and body. I wanted nothing more than to align with my HIGHER SOUL.

I am proud to say that I am now breast implant free. Through this life-changing, near-death experience, all the trials and tribulations, I was still able to find the greatest gift of all: TRUST IN MYSELF.

Now it's your turn.

I want to take what I went through, and use that to help you with your own vision quest.

Imagine what it would feel like to have the healing you've been seeking for years, or even decades. Why spend a lifetime healing something when you can find relief in one powerful session?

Let's activate your Pele Power.


We all go through it, but the question is: 


It is so much easier when you have a Guide who's been there. 

I would be honored to work with your Mind, Body, and Soul. It's time for you to experience your Powerful Shift.


"Radhaa not only offers you support, she accompanies you on your journey to healing. As a double pisces, she has beautiful intuitive energy that will empower you to open to your untapped potential. My session with her allowed me to integrate aspects of my inner child and look upon my shadow from a place of reverence, respect and gratitude. I felt held and nurtured to access my sovereignty in a safe and welcoming environment. She helped me to uncover the roadblocks preventing me from unlocking the artist within and tap into my potent source of creativity. Thank you goddess!! Highly recommended!"



"Radhaa is a very intuitive and gifted healer. I was having a very hard time processing and going through some very heavy emotional stuff with someone along with processing some childhood trauma. We talked for a while so she was able to assess the situation then we went into the work. She was able to pinpoint the areas that needed clearing and helped me to clear and bring forward some much more positive energy and love. I felt much better after and relieved and also she helped me to do some gentle discording of releasing this person, and ironically the very next day that person that I needed to work things out with contacted me and we were able to resolve things from a place of calmness and love not confusion or calamity. I am very grateful for Radhaa and all of her help and I highly recommend her as a conduit to anyone interested in healing and getting into digging out the roots of what needs healing and replacing with something more beneficial, balancing and loving."


In this 90 minute intensive, you will receive:

Identify & clear the core energetic block that has been holding you back. by doing so, we may touch upon some of the below:


Energy transmission download // valued at $997

Powerful Akashic record healing // valued at $997

Karma release and healing // valued at $997

Goddess Code Pele Activation // valued at $1297

soul support session // valued at $997


Pay in full $997

or 2 payments of $497


"Now is my time. I am ready to show up fully for myself."