Hi, my name is Radhaa.

I am honored to be Your guide

on your sacred journey

"I have been through hell and back quite a few times, but the one thing I have learned through my own journey is that I could never run from the fire. I had to walk through it."


Do you feel as though something is burning uncontrollably in your mind or heart, something so intense that it just won't go away? In fact, the more you run from it, the worse it gets.

Woman to Woman, it's time to stop running away!

It's time to RISE like a Phoenix from the ashes


There's no better time than now, to step into the dimension of your higher self.

With the Pele Power Vision Quest, you will experience your long awaited breakthrough.

You will celebrate your newfound harmony, one that is filled with love, light and limitless power.

You will find the clarity you need for your own self, your life, and your business. 

You are above the struggle. You are above the silent suffering. You are above all that stress and exhaustion. 

You deserve to radically recreate yourself with ALL of your pieces.

The time is now to release the pain of the past and step powerfully into your future.

Get ready for your massive shift in this 3 month program high touch program.

You get Massive Healing, Clearing, Activations, and Support.

Let's LAUNCH You to Your NEXT LEVEL! 


"My session with Radhaa allowed me to integrate aspects of my Inner Child and look upon my Shadow from a place of Reverence, Respect and Gratitude." 

"I felt held and nurtured to access my Sovereignty in a Safe and welcoming environment. She helped me to uncover the roadblocks preventing me from unlocking the Artist within and tap into my Potent source of Creativity. Thank you Goddess! 

"Working with Radhaa is Highly, Highly recommended."

- Meagan of Mermaid Astrology, LA, CA 

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"I came to Radhaa to release judgment and stress from my heart and energy field. She went far beyond what I could ever expect.

First we journeyed and cleared the dense energy from my field that was weighing me down, and then the Activation occurred. Radhaa is one of the purest and clearest healers and channels I have ever worked with."

- Susan Hassan, Quantum Sphere Healer, LA, CA

Many clients come to me with ONE specific issue that they need cleared right away, whether it's a relationship discord, career conflict, creative rut, or unaddressed childhood trauma. You may be feeling an extreme stress within, a burning fire. There is an urgency to find relief immediately. You tried every healing modality, yet their issues are still lingering.

Experience a Divine Shift, Incredible Power 

Total Rebirth.


"Radhaa is truly a Goddess and I've kept evolving since our session, and Oh my goodness, I just birthed my cosmic self with Radhaa today!" 

We are blessed to be able to experience her healing and love. Don't hesitate to move forward with Radhaa.

She's the real deal. The experience was absolutely magical, playful, all the colors of the rainbow, glitter, gold and gorgeous. "

She was so loving, so knowing, so wise.  A warm and natural guide. I feel blessed and forever transformed. The long awaited drawings and Art I do to today will be dedicated to Radhaa and her divine gifts. Don't wait to experience Radha. She is the Golden Goddess of Love and Light. She is simply divine and miraculous."

- Val Cripps, Best Selling Author, Marina Del Rey, CA

Get Crystal Clear on your Soul Purpose and the next steps you need to get there

Heal the unresolved trauma that has been weighing you down so you can finally feel the lightness of your own beautiful being

Take empowered action on the creative ideas that have been floating around in your mind for quite some time now

Reclaim your sovereignty and experience the new freedom available to you

Step into your most incredible self, shining with a newfound confidence and tap the infinite power that lies within you

Clear up the toxic energy around current or past relationships, and get crystal clear on the relationships you wish to create for yourself

Activate and align yourself with your dream business and receive the guidance to move it forward



"I was filled with a surge of electricity and a pulse of determination that hasn't lost its fuel even 24 hours later.

"Working with Radhaa was both  Powerful and Exciting!" 

I'm on the verge of a big thing happening in my business & life. 

"Radhaa provided me with clarity, an understanding of the root of my blocks, clearing of those blocks and a jolt towards my next great thing! "

- Tami Lynn Owner of Fabulously Designed, LA, CA

Goddess Code Academy


One weekend together to fine tune your frequency! 

Three Power hour sessions, one per month. 

One Custom Activation Healing Meditation created and recorded just for You after our first session.

One Pele Power Healing MP3 to Activate your Fierce Feminine POWER

One Heart Chakra Healing MP3 Meditation to put you in a state of ease, comfort & transformation

Unlimited email support

 3 x 15 minute text tune up

One in depth Pele Power Workbook

One Welcome Packet 

Total Value: $ 4,254.00

Your Price only: $ 2,997.00

In the Pele Power Vision Quest... 

  • We will identify and clear the core energetic block that is holding you back,

  • Using my signature Goddess Code Method,

  • A combination of coaching and deep healing.

  • We will break through the glass ceiling and finally align you to your highest self. 


"I was having a very hard time processing and going through some very heavy emotional stuff with someone along with processing some childhood trauma. We talked for a while so she was able to assess the situation then we went deep into the work. 

She was able to pinpoint the areas that needed clearing and helped me to clear and bring forward some much more Positive Energy & Love. 

I felt so much better after and relieved and also she helped me to do some gentle discording of releasing this person, and ironically the very next day that person that I needed to work things out with contacted me and we were able to resolve things from a place of calmness and love not confusion or calamity. "

- Elda Silva, Investor at Atlas Investment Group, LA, CA


These are the modalities incorporated into this high impact program:



Get ready to go deeper than you've ever been. I will read your energy field and intuitively identify the patterns that are blocking you from moving toward your highest path.  


This is where we find the karmic lesson. When you actualize the lesson, you are taking the step in preventing the same trauma loop. 


Simply put, we are moving energy, especially that of which is not yours. The negative cords and hooks that are dragging you down. Call it an energetic divorce.


I'm not going to let you go without putting you on the right path. Here, we will remind you of your own intuitive gifts and realign you to your soul purpose. 


By the end of this vision quest, you will feel a powerful and permanent shift. What you burn through will be replaced with a newfound fuel that will give you the quantum leap that you need.

"Now is my time. I am ready to show up fully for myself."

Radhaa Nilia Pele Power.PNG

Your heart called you here,

You are ready to do this Powerful and deeply transformative work, and I am here to support you through your journey.

I am glad you chose to invest in yourself. When we invest in ourselves it tells us we are worth it, and You are!

I am very much looking forward to working with You.

Talk to you very soon!

Much Love, Radhaa

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