I am a firm believer that finding the right guide makes all the difference.

You want someone you can connect with and spill everything to. For us women especially, you want someone you can genuinely connect with. Someone who has the experience, credentials and heart to hold the sacred space you've been seeking.

This is why I offer one-hour A LA CARTE sessions (in-person or online), so that you can experience the transformation that's available to you. You are also able to rollover the value of any of the below sessions toward my signature programs, if you feel called to do so.



Share, express and release whatever is coming up for you. As your divine witness, I will hold the sacred space necessary for your release. With my guidance, we will transmute your energy so that you feel lighter and more at peace.



Let's tap into a past life that may be re-emerging with your current situation. I will help you to clear and heal distorted patterns, vows, or commitments that have been holding you hostage. By the end of this session, you will feel more in tune with your natural state, and we will close the chapter in that life so that you may fully live in this one.



I encourage you to bring in an unresolved issue that has been interrupting your soul progress. We will access the haunting pulse in your timeline, reworking and downloading new information for complete realignment. Breathe in the new you and tackle the world more confidently.



In this session, we will discuss your sexual history, traumas, and longings. I will help you to find the beliefs holding your trauma in place, clearing them so that you are free to experience your own pleasure. You'll be rejuvenated and awakened to your primal power. Let's rewrite your sex story so that it serves you in your highest good.



I have worked with artists, producers, writers, healers, and coaches in manifesting their next big project. I invite you to bring in yours, along with your intention. Together, we'll discover the blocks and fears that hold you back from the ability to create freely. I will give you the push you need to properly execute your vision into creative motion.  Let's dissolve those blocks and bring forth the audacious creatress within.