I work with women who are on the verge of greatness.


My name is Radhaa, and I am a fiery and intuitive teacher, here to help YOU step into your own Divine Power.

Some know me as a coach, a breast implant illness survivor, a crystal junkie, some call me Soul Sister which is my favorite of them all.

I AM the woman who created The Goddess Code Activations

also know as The Goddess Activations™  

they are one and the same!

After years of working with The Goddess Activations™ , I was led to create

Goddess Code Academy™ 

An alternative online educational platform where I use my heart, experience and my healing modality The Goddess Activations™  to empower women who are on the verge of greatness, 

Women just like You.


radhaa nilia

"I help women step into their own, divine power, showing them how to become the fierce leader that they are in this world." - Radhaa

Radhaa is a feminine leader, Breast Implant Illness survivor, and a creative guide. She is the founder of Goddess Code Academy, empowering women across the globe.