What is Goddess Code Activation's ?

The Goddess Code Activation's is composed of nine goddesses that I have personally worked with throughout my entire life. Each Goddess carries a unique CODE, essence, energy and purpose to serve you, heal you, enhance and activate your life.

The Goddess CODE has been coming in, but unfortunately it's not being received or shared properly.  There are many people that have been attempting to bring these Ancient teachings in, and I have searched far and wide in hopes someone else would have already done it in this the way, in a way I have put it together. It took me a lifetime to reconcile with the fact that I would be the one to bring these vital Goddess Codes in. I had to go through a series of major initiations that shook up my life in order for me to be a conduit for these Codes. It is my Honor to share the Secrets of the Goddess Code Activation's. Here at Goddess Code Academy, you will be taken on a magical journey of your life to receive a whole entire creation of Sacred Transmissions, Teachings and Powerful Activation's you will never find anywhere else. 

The Goddess is trendy, is this just another trend ?

The Goddess Code is not a trend for me, it's a way of life for me. For many people, the word is trendy, but lacks the true essence. It makes me want to share the Goddess Code even more. You see, my relationship with the Goddess started before I was born. My parents were reading the Mahabharata when I was conceived, a book of the ancient Gods & Goddesses. They were meditating everyday, always in a higher state of bliss. I find comfort in knowing my life was first created from pure love and all the best intentions of the Goddess. I was named after Goddess Radha. She is the Goddess of longing and devotion to the divine. Throughout my life, the Goddess would always show up in sparks of light as Codes. Packets full of information that would later be something I would digest and re-create. At first it was very challenging to explain what this meant. I didn't even try. Yet the Goddesses, especially Goddess Radha led me back to my purpose, again and again through her infinite love and devotion. This living, breathing, complex blueprint that lived within me had a purpose. To make the Goddess Codes available now.  So here I am. The Goddess Code Activation's are truly ORIGINAL, the ONLY of it's kind. 

What are the nine Goddess Code Activation programs available ?

Each of the nine Goddess Code Course's is designed specifically with it's own rich content and materials. Each Course is launched and sold separately. If you choose to take all the nine Goddess Code Activation programs, it will lead you to the Goddess Code Mastery Certification Program. You will be trained to use the Codes to work with your clients in your practice.  Each program is impeccable, and you will never find another program like this.  The following are the nine Goddess Code Activation's available.

Lakshmi Goddess Code Activator

Quan Yin Goddess Code Activator

Kali Goddess Code Activator

Saraswati Goddess Code Activator

Radha Goddess Code Activator

Maya Devi Goddess Code Activator

Isis Goddess Code Activator

Pele Goddess Code Activator

Venus Goddess Code Activator

What if I want to take the entire Goddess Code Mastery Certification Program ?

That is entirely up to your preference. If you are a healer or coach and want to use Goddess Code Activation's with your clients, then you should definitely enroll in this program. This program prepares you to be a Master in this field. You will know the ins and outs of working with this potent energy, and how to run Activation's with VIP Clients or in group settings. I will teach you to do both, and I will teach you how I created a thriving business so you can do the same. If you are interested in this Mastery Program, apply HERE.

How and why did you develop the Goddess Code Activation's ?

It took a lifetime to develop, because I myself had to go through the Activation's and Initiations.  Each Goddess Code Course and Activation takes at least a month to dive in, to do the work, and to receive the full download that is available.

What does the course work include ?

The course will be launched one at a time.  The first course will be Lakshmi Goddess Code Activation. First you enroll to program that fits your needs. You get a welcome packet and you receive one module a week. You will have work that you need to do, as it is a very hands on training. You will receive a workbook, audio, to do list, meditations, activation's and there is required journal writing. I will suggest that you tune in every week and create a discipline around working with this potent energy. It is suggested that you can commit to 2-4 hours a week, evenings or weekends depending on your schedule. It is entirely up to you how you choose to go about working with this content. It's created to be flexible, and workable with your schedule.  By completing this course, you will receive a Goddess Code Activator Certificate.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for everyone. The Goddess Codes will help you in every area of your life. Whether you are an artist, healer, coach, entrepreneur, or someone who wants to access it for your own advancement, this Goddess Code Activation is for you. 

How soon can I enroll !?

This course enrollment door opens the entire month of June, 2017, and the modules will roll out weekly starting the first week of July.

How can I get a discount ?

I will reward early bird students with generous discount for first two weeks of June 2017. Afterwards the price goes up and there will be no discounts. 

Are there any requirements for this course?

In order to receive your Goddess Code Activation's Certification, the course must be completed within a year after your purchase. Just your willingness, openness and motivation to do the work and follow through.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the course for an entire year after your purchase. All the content will be there for you to access again and again.

What happens if I am unhappy with the course?

There is no refund for this course due to the instant and powerful access of materials.

How much content is there in this course?

This course is filled with written, audio, video and mixed media content, all designed to give you only the best of personal and professional teachings that I have received. The course content provides you with an infinite source of value.

What is the time and financial investment for this course?

Lakshmi Goddess Code Activation and Certification course is $1297 if purchased BEFORE June 16th, 2017 at 11:59pm EST. The price will increase to $2222 if purchased after June 31st, 2017 at 11:59pm EST.