Sister, I am so happy you have arrived...

If you are reading this, you have been called here for a reason. Something incredible is happening all around the world. Women are awakening to a part of themselves they had long forgotten.

Goddess Code Academy™ was created to receive women like you and gently guide them to the wisdom you have always known within.

You are here for a reason....

The Goddess Code Academy™ calls forth a certain kind of woman. One that is ready to heal her feminine wound. This is the wound that every woman carries and has carried for generations and generations. It's time to deal and heal these wounds so that you can step into the Divine Feminine Leadership you were always meant for.

You know, as a Healer, a Coach, a Feminine Entrepreneur, as an Artist that is fully self expressed in this world. Your voice is needed, your thoughts are important, your gifts are ready to be Activated and fully supported.     

It's time to Embody all of yourself.

Are you ready to accept and experience more of your own brilliance, beauty, creative energy, love, and abundance that is your natural birthright?

My name is Radhaa, and I spent over a decade working with hundreds of women in my private practice. In these sessions I discovered the Feminine wound in every woman no matter the walk of life.

I also discovered the Goddess Code Activations™ assisted in their healing. Eleven main Goddesses showed in the sessions and I allowed that Goddess energy to come through with the permission of my clients. The Activations were nothing short of astounding and led to  an incredible transformation. I am a channel and a conduit for this work.

And Now I am ready to share it with YOU.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to offer courses that will awaken and activate the Divine Feminine Leader in you.  

You are capable of far more than you can imagine. 

To get information on the course that is right for you, please fill out the intake form and check off which one you  are interested in.

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Goddess Code Leadership™ Certification Program
Become an Expert in your field and command Powerful Presence. Activate your Visibility through the Goddess Code Method™
Goddess Code Activations™ Certification Program
Become a Goddess Code Activator™
Throat Chakra Healing™ Certification Program
Learn to Heal the Throat Chakra to speak Truth and be Empowered in Your Authentic Voice!
Heart Chakra Healing™ Certification Program
Learn Heart Chakra Healing™
Goddess Code Coach™ Certification Program
A proven and powerful method that gives you all the training and tools to become a Successful Goddess Code Coach™