Imagine Stepping Into the Divine Realm of the Goddess…


You are invited to unlock eleven mystical golden doors, each one directly leading you to only the most sacred aspects of your own, unique and beautiful soul blueprint through

 The Goddess Code Activations


The Goddess Activations™ Certification Program is an innovative, self healing and training course that implements the Goddess Code modality, a feminine fusion of holistic teachings, clearings, healings, meditations, and practical applications that connect you with the divine feminine. In this course, you will learn how to connect with eleven Goddesses that represent the different archetypes of the feminine. It is an at your own pace online course that deepens your relationship with yourself, providing you with the necessary tools and structure needed to propel your own practice as a Goddess Code Activator. This is a helpful course that is complimentary to any coaching or spiritual practice.

Hi! My name is Radha, and I am the original creator of The Goddess Activations™ I started working with this energy for over a decade ago.  The Goddess Activations™ is a transmission that came through while working with my clients. They loved connecting so intimately with the goddess, and over the course of working with hundreds of clients I could see the incredible shifts that occurred in such a short period of time. I was like a mad scientist and kept experimenting with the protocol until I found that it was consistent and it was much more than I ever imagined, it was a journey and a healing modality in one. 

This has been such a deep and personal journey for myself and my clients that I knew I was meant to share it with others.  What I offer you is nearly a decade in the making.  

And now,  The Goddess Activations™ are available for you. 

"Yesterday I had a Goddess Activation session with Radha. It was powerful and exciting. I was filled with a surge of electricity and a pulse of determination that hasn't lost its fuel even 24 hours later. I'm on the verge of a new thing happening in my business and life. Radhaa provided me with clarity, an understanding of the root of my blocks, clearing of those blocks and a jolt towards my next great thing.Radhaa is kind, caring and compassionate and gave me great insight to the questions that have been lingering in my spirit. If you haven't signed up for her Goddess Activation Session, go do it now! Wait...why are you still reading this. Go sign up already! You know you want to."- Tammi Lynn - Interior Designer - Los Angeles, CA


"WOW. I have taken 2 weeks to write this review to fully evaluate the activation I had with Radha. I was BLOWN away. My feet were no where near the ground as Radha provided me with an unbelievable amount of love, healing, guidance and pure magic. I was feeling so fantastic that I was worried it would not last. Well it did! Here I am 2 weeks later, more confident, more secure in what I am doing. Every little piece that she helped me to put into place was crucial and each piece has brought about it's own healing. I can feel my vibration has been lifted and in a way that will stay with me. Radha's Goddess Code Activation did EXACTLY that. She provided a safe, loving space where I could activate the gifts within myself that previously I could not access. Clarity, confidence, direction, actionable steps, healing and crazy amounts of love is what you will get out of a session with Radha. I highly, highly, highly recommend."



The Goddess Code™ gives you the soul blueprint that awakens your inner Goddess given power through compelling and supercharged

The Goddess Activations™.

Each of The Goddess Activations™ is a sacred ceremony that will support your spiritual freedom, sovereignty, and victorious life

Feel the Goddess communicate through you as she shares her encoded message, stirring within you a renewed sense of strength, purpose and clarity

Dive deep into the journey of the Goddess Code™ and lovingly ignite those areas that have been more resistant to transform

Fall into the visualizations of the activations and feel the downpour of divine love

Ablaze with a new breathing and living light that can never be doused

Have a renewed sense of purpose to raise the light in this world.

Each Goddess Code Activation™ is a roadmap to discovering how to awaken to your gifts within, and what's happening in your life right now

There is nothing you can't overcome.

Receive the beautiful voices of feminine wisdom that is the...


Know how deeply loved you truly are by the Goddesses that are always here to guide you, helping you to open your heart in extraordinary ways

Experience the living transmissions of the Goddess legend, told from the perspective of the divine feminine

Awaken to the remembrance of who you are even more, your true nature as a divine being

The Goddess Code Activations is the next level soul exploration, an at your own pace online course that provides you with a structure for any spiritual practice that wishes to embody the feminine more directly, helping you to find balance

You deserve to receive Her love letter.


Goddess Activations

The energy passed through me so deeply and powerfully to create an inner peace I've only ever experienced in dreams. It felt like heaven! I felt all my old programming get deleted and a new system of pure light energy, compassion, and unconditional love filled my being! Radha is more than a healer and a spirit guide. She has a connection to the goddess energy that she is able to translate through all the dimensions and bring into her clients. I came to her wanting to activate my heart, but she activated my entire being. The messages I received brought me to the next level of my spiritual journey and embodiment. I was shown my mission as an anchor of light and how much I am contributing to humanity's shift in consciousness. All of my doubts and fears about myself dissipated after working with Radha. I emerged as my highest self. The Goddess Activation leveled me up. It showed me my power and allowed my to embody it. Radha has a unique connection to spirit and she has the gift of healing the soul and bringing the true self forward. I am so grateful for her work and for the Goddess Code Activations. Radha's work has forever changed my life.




I have been working with these energies all my life.

In fact, my name, Radha, is the Goddess of Love and Devotion.

This is where I came from, and this is my soul mission. To train YOU to become the next


 To help YOU heal and connect with more than just your higher self, but the Goddess that is available to you as well.

Our world is in need of feminine divine balance.

By embodying each Goddess Code we are able to create a more harmonious life.We are able to find more constructive and creative ways to deal with our everyday issues.

When we heal ourselves, we heal the world. When we raise our frequency, we raise the frequency of the collective. We create change.

Of all the messages that I have received, one always makes it way forth:


Now it's Your turn! You can get the official training and become Certified in

You will learn what HOW to work with these incredible energies

To heal Yourself and others

You will begin to embody the Activation's as a living light Transmission

It's time to upgrade your energy, all the way

It's time to live as the Radiant Goddess you were always meant to be.

Join the Class of June 2017, and be Certified as an official Goddess Code Activator.


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