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“Quan Yin Goddess Code Activations™ Healing Workbook” Launch & Book Signing

Global Healer, Author and Coach Radhaa Nilia Launches Debut Book,

“Quan Yin Goddess Code Activations™ Healing Workbook”

(November 24, 2017) – The power of the ancient Eastern goddess Quan Yin can transform lives through its deep healing power and alleviate suffering by releasing all negative energies. The debut book by intuitive teacher, international coach, artist and healer Radhaa Nilia, “Quan Yin Goddess Code Activations™ Healing Workbook”, is now available on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Apple iBooks, and Kobo.

Radhaa Nilia is having her first book signing at Barnes & Noble on November 26 at 3-7pm PST at the Chino Hills, 3625 Grand Ave, Chino Hills, CA. You can attend for free, listen to the live reading as well as get a signed copy of the book by Radhaa.

“Quan Yin Goddess Code Activations™ Healing Workbook” is derived from Radhaa’s signature 6-week course, Quan Yin GODDESS CODE™ Activations. The book details the healing method that can awaken and activate the GODDESS CODE™ that hold the power to clear beliefs, blockages, and lineage wounds and awaken the feminine gifts.

The healing workbook guides readers through their own journey of discovery with Quan Yin. The book contains healing questions and meditations, shows how to create an altar, what tools to use and how to use them, prayers, and how to use the Goddess Activations™ an original healing modality by Radhaa. The workbook can be used by everyone at their own pace, and does not require any prior special knowledge, skills or experience, and the methods can be practiced at home.

Goddess Quan Yin is known as an ancient Eastern Goddess, and an ascended master who loves unconditionally and wishes to liberate humanity. She helps release humans from the karmic wheel of suffering. The workbook shows, in a step by step manner, how to invoke her blessings, release negative energies and live a life filled with love, peace, joy, and ease. The book also contains sacred techniques and can be used as a complement to any spiritual practice.

“A truly transformative healing workbook. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and completing the questions here. It required me to identify and review all the aspects of my life that had been on autopilot for so many years,” says a book reviewer.

Radhaa Nilia is a well known intuitive teacher, international coach, artist, healer, forward-thinking leader, and speaker on feminine empowerment. She is descended directly from a Shamanic lineage, and works with women to heal their heart and soul. Radhaa Nilia is the Founder of GODDESS CODE™ Academy, a mystical school for the divine feminine. The school works as an online educational platform to serve women through holistic teachings and empowerment, and encourages new ways of thinking, creating, and being in the world, realign with their feminine flow, and activate their inner Goddess through education and empowerment.

About: Radhaa Nilia is the founder and Creatress of the Goddess Code Academy™. Goddess Code Academy™ is a mystical school for the divine feminine, with the mission of serving women through transformative education and empowerment. The Academy offers training and certification programs for every woman, including healers and coaches. Women can get trained  and certified in a number courses including Goddess Activations™ which are an original healing modality developed by Radhaa. A fifth-generation Shaman, Teacher, Coach, and Holistic Healer, Radhaa empowers women to heal their heart and soul wounds. In addition, Radhaa is a contributing writer for various online magazines and an award-winning actress and Indie Filmmaker.  GODDESS CODE™ Academy publications may be visited at www.goddesscodeacademy.com  

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