Our Planet is Shifting

Our planet is shifting. This is a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and collective shift. You may be wondering, why would our planet need to shift? As someone who works with energy, I will do my best to explain it from that perspective.

Our planet is our great mother, Goddess Gaia. As great as she is, she has been treated less than, like a slave, objectified, and forced to produce for those few who would stake claim to her body, to own and benefit from her sacred resources. Her lifeline and veins are drilled for oil, her mountain breasts blown up for coal. She is exploited and raped by her very own children.

Goddess Gaia was the original Goddess of this earth, and her systematic abusers have taken the very word “goddess” and any remnants of the divine feminine, and destroyed all evidence of the divine feminine and her worth in this world.

I want to remind you that Mother Gaia, the Great Goddess, is one that gives us life through her body so that we are able to have our bodies. We are the babies of the supreme and divine feminine.

She has allowed us, the humans, the space to grow, evolve, and devolve. That is how much she loves us. Yet, her love and kindness have boundaries, and she is choosing to implement them now. Free Will has given us our right to go in any direction we choose, whether that be light or dark, and Mother Gaia is bringing everything back to balance through more imbalance. How ironic is that? But this world needs a wake-up call, a cold splash in the face. But what we need most, more than anything else, is love.

We must connect back to the infinite love and source that is available to us. Humans have been living on a false grid, one that is disconnected in so many ways. Now is the time to come home, back to the grid of love, connection to self, source, and to Goddess Mother Gaia.

How have we been allowed to fall so far from who we truly are?

Many of us think that they are alive, yet as a collective, we are sleepwalking. So how does one wake up from such a sleep?

Heal Yourself. Seriously, start taking the time to look at what you are thinking and feeling. Where are your thoughts and ideas coming from? What does your record sound like, and is it time to put a new record on?

We all need to do the hard work, the work that most of us have been avoiding at every cost. The inner work. This is truly the only way to heal the planet.

If you want to heal the world, start by healing yourself.

Yes, there are actions you can and should take on the outside, but also take the time to do your deep, inner work. The things you do out there are important, but inner work you do is what's going to change your life. As  the wise Miguel Angel Ruiz says: 

"Know that truth, forgiveness, and love can heal the world. Imagine if all of us could be truthful with ourselves, start forgiving everyone, and start loving everyone. We would no longer be selfish, gossiping would be over, and we would no longer judge one another. The world would become a place where all of us live in love. "


I feel so inspired  by these shifts, that although I have taken down my programs to focus fully on the Academy until June, I want to offer THREE sacred spots for one-on-one sessions, helping you dive deep into anything that is coming up for you at this time.  

Here's the link for more information:  http://www.goddesscodeacademy.com/healingsession   

With Love, Radha