Returning To Self Care Goddess Style

It’s been four weeks since I’ve purchased my ticket to North Carolina. My body couldn’t handle the traffic, the congestion, and all the stress of Los Angeles. It was killing me. I needed fresh air, I needed space, I needed to be able to see the stars at night. I needed the mountains.

You see, I recently had surgery to remove the toxic breast implants that were destroying my health, my life. It was a rude awakening that put me back on the fast track to my true self and higher purpose. The whole experience humbled me. Something as simple as health and all the perks come with it, I took for granted.

I am very much detoxing now -- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My transformation left me in a totally different state of mind. I realized that I had been putting off my bigger purpose, which is to educate and empower women through my holistic academy, The Goddess Code Academy, a dream that I’ve put in the backburner for years now.

I’ve worked with women on a one to one basis doing coaching and healing for almost a decade. I loved seeing transformations that could only come from within, and I wanted to continue that on a much grander scale.

Since my move, I shifted most of my energy into this creation. I shut out the outside world to give every ounce of my focus, mind, heart, soul, and thoughts into this healing and mission to create. With a never ending list of things to do, I’m stretching and pushing myself in ways that I never thought possible. It’s incredible and rewarding, but it sometimes takes a toll on me. Even up here in the highest peak of the mountain, the time, stress and burnout still creeps up on me when I forget to take care of myself. When I throw myself into my program, I lose myself. I forget to practice my own self care.

That being said, during the launching phase of my program, I have put myself in a few tizzies. I would forget to eat, and when I did eat, I would either grab something sweet or make myself too strong of a coffee with the hopes of giving myself that extra boost, or so I thought. Mixing my bad habits with overwhelming deadlines spiraled me down faster and harder. My adrenals were hit the overcaffeination. I put myself in fight or flight mode. My body shut down, along with all my creative ideas. The result? I ended up spending the next day in bed, in full recovery mode. 

After my little episode, I had to sit myself down and journal. I wrote down a list of reminders, rituals that would be essential in preparation for the next high energy that I put into the program, and I’d like to share my morning routine with you:

Sure, I know this sounds so simple, but something simple can make a huge difference. If I followed a few of these gems, I would have been able to shift my energy to a lighter place. My frequency wouldn’t have dropped so low, and I wouldn’t have been in bed that entire day.

If there is one thing I know, it is that coming back from an episode such as the breast implant illness surgery takes a much longer time to heal. I literally have these reminders taped to my mirror for my crucial moments of healing, and I think that you should, too. There’s something sweet having little reminders, especially when we have big goals we are working through.

And when I follow my morning routine, I find myself more focused, healthier and happier again. 

With Love, Radha

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photo by Christine Flowers

photo by Christine Flowers