Collective Consensus

I am here, currently residing in the Appalachian Mountains, in a place I call Crystal Mountain. I come here for peace and inspiration. I look forward to waking up each morning and greeting the the fresh mountain air. I get to walk the trails that are only steps away.

I am always called here, back to the forest, back to nature. She speaks to me with her soft breezes and the rustle of her leaves. The large crystals are my meditation and contemplation spots. The land I stand on is known as the Trail of Tears. It is a sacred land.

All land is sacred. Clear water is sacred. The rich soil is sacred.  Abundant gardens full of crops can be harvested here. I hope you understand the relationship between human and land, how important that is. The Native Indians understand this, and I understand this, too.

It pains me to know that in the 21st century, Natives are still having to fight for their land, and their land is still being taken away. Today, the rest of the occupants of Standing Rock were evicted from their sacred land. Today was the loss of Standing Rock on the ground level. It was a hard blow, and I felt it deep in my gut.

How is it that history repeats itself in these unspeakable ways, even when it seems so many are against it?

It all comes down to the collective consensus, our collective consensus. By no opposition in people's minds and hearts, it is agreed that such atrocities are allowed by the collective. Even if the majority voters do not care, their vote is casted as loss. The election is won by default. This is how the collective consensus works.

It is part of the group consciousness, by the many who are keeping their heads down and pretending this atrocity does not exist, they are, in fact, giving a green light consensus silently. They are agreeing that this is ok. Those who do not say NO, are saying YES. It’s a silent but binding agreement.

Of course it would be easier if we all wore blinders to avoid seeing the inconvenient truths around us. But this is exactly what will lead us to our own demise. We will eventually and collectively run ourselves to the ground if we do not start to lift each other up and stand for each other.

We need to stop looking down. We need to put our heads back up, look and see what is going on around you. When you cast your vote with confidence, you can stand tall, and be proud to be human, one that has humanity in your heart.

So where do you start when it's all too much ? Take note of the events going on. It’s ok to wake up. It’s ok be afraid. It’s ok to be disgusted. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to be angry. It’s ok to even be confused. But it’s not ok to look away and pretend it’s not happening. 

Start by asking questions. Voice your concerns. Have conversations in your community. If you are overwhelmed, seek support. It is important to find what you feel most comfortable with in your unique expression. But have an opinion. If your opinion is a NO, let it be known. You have so much more power than you could ever imagine. Start knowing your power, because even your silent consensus matters.

With Love, Radh

Radhaa Nilia Sage