A New Valentine's Day

Radhaa Nilia Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a day that triggers emotions. Deep, powerful emotions. For those who are in a healthy relationship, the day can give you butterflies and excitement. But for those who are without a partner, the day can trigger negative emotions.

There is so much pressure on Valentine's Day. The pressure to feel loved, validated, and adored. You hope that the opposite (or same) sex will ask you, “Will you be mine?” and when they don’t, you feel heartbroken. As far as I can remember, Valentine’s Day is a day of candy, sweet little hearts that begs the question, “Will You Be Mine?” When I would get those hearts in school, I’d wonder if anyone would ask me the same. When no one did, I felt my heart sink, and I began to think that Valentine’s Day is just for the lucky ones. It hit my self-esteem.

Those who are single complain, even suffer silently, feeling isolated from this magical day of love. But what if we re-framed the meaning of Valentine’s Day altogether? What if you created your own meaning? What if Valentine’s Day became the day of self-love?

Think about it, how your perspective would change. If Valentine’s Day suddenly became the day to love, honor, nurture, pamper, and adore YOURSELF? Instead of waiting around for someone to sweep you off your feet or give you your dream bouquet of flowers, give yourself what you need right now. Do something that makes you feel good, because you deserve to whether you have someone or not. You are ENOUGH.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to give myself the hot bath that I deserve.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Radhaa