June Astrology and Energy Forecast: Your Truths are your Own 

Your truths are your own; own them. This month is all about tuning into the authentic voice of our soul and setting ourselves free from any limitations to self-expression. Mars and Neptune both station retrograde, calling us inward before we make our moves out in the world. It is all about energy alignment, focus and a willingness to stay open to the ways our visions seek to manifest into reality.  Listen HERE

What stops you from being authentic? Where do you still fall into traps of justification or comparison? What stories around needing to agree with the opinions of others keep you from confidently sharing your own? Where do you leak your energy in order to conform or avoid rejection?

It is time to look within, listen quietly and trust those inner visions for our future. June asks us to honor and trust the natural cycles of creation, rather than forcing anything into manifestation through sheer will or effort.  Listen HERE

Keep all of your options open this month while simultaneously maintaining your attention focused on the cultivation and maintenance of energy needed to create what you deeply desire; the rest of your work is in your ability to trust the unfolding of the Divine magic in its perfect timing.

June Astrology Forecast up at Galactic Goddess Podcast with Evolutionary Astrology Sarah Paasch! Listen HERE

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