I’ll be honest.

I had to grow into more of myself before transforming into the person that I am now.

A strong, determined, motivated go getter.

All my life, I tried to fit into the masculine model. It was exhausting. No matter how hard I worked and no matter what I did, I could never align to the masculine template that was handed to me. As an entrepreneur, artist and healer since my early twenties, I was always trying to think of innovative ways of doing positive things that powerfully translated into the world. That was the ultimate struggle - trying to create my own business structure according to the masculine template, because I was taught that the masculine way was the only way to go. It wasn’t until I finally tuned into my feminine nature - when I truly felt like a woman in my relationships, learning and work - that I was able to recreate a completely new, better aligned, more rewarding FEMININE template for myself.

I stopped asking for permission. I went for everything that my heart desired and jumped into anything and everything that caught my soul. In those times when people would tell me no, I followed my own intuition and said YES.

I want to tell you that YES, you can be yourself, whatever that looks like. All I ask is that you’re kind, respectful and WILLING to work toward your better life journey. I do not expect you to be perfect -- that’s not what I teach. It’s about being authentic and confident, because confidence is priceless.

I am not coming from the perspective that something is wrong with you, it’s more that something is so right with you that I want nothing more than to help you line that up. Sure, I do a lot of shadow work, the heavy and the dark, but that’s only so you can enjoy the sweetness underneath it. Your true, divine, powerful, beautiful self.

Life is too precious and you shouldn’t waste a damn minute focusing on things you don’t love.

So if you love yourself, if you love working on yourself, if you want to help heal others, and if you want a career in making a positive difference in the world, welcome to your happy place.

With love, Radhaa