Radhaa is an intuitive teacher, international coach, healer, forward thinking leader and speaker on feminine empowerment. Radhaa is Creatress behind the original healing modality Goddess Activations™. 

This healing method is used to Awaken and Activate Goddess Codes™ which help clear negative beliefs, blockages and lineage wounds and awaken the feminine gifts. 

Radhaa stems from a direct lineage of Shamans, working with women to heal their heart and soul wounds.

As the Founder of Goddess Code Academy™ a mystical school for the divine feminine. Her mission and vision of serving women through holistic education and empowerment. Radhaa leads online programs, international retreats, and Goddess Activations™ training.

Radhaa has a deep connection Mother Gaia and nature. She thrives on creativity, art, and love for honest story-telling has led her to support others following their life path, higher purpose, and ultimate dreams.



My Personal History with the Goddess.

My parents were reading the Mahabharata when I was conceived, a book of the ancient Gods & Goddesses. They were meditating everyday, always in a higher state of bliss. I find comfort in knowing my life was first created from pure love and all the best intentions.

My name is Radhaa, the Goddess of longing and devotion to the divine. Radha Krsna to be exact, the lover and beloved. The masculine and feminine in balance, the yin and yang.

You see, my life was meant to be that of extreme duality.

As a young student, I had that fast track mentality. I wanted to learn fast and furiously, the hard way. When it came to others, I never trusted anyone’s words but my own. I sought the truth on my own, without anyone's permission. Even the places my parents warned me about, I ventured toward. Who hasn't?

I spent my life in this underworld, befriending my very own shadow.

But the Goddess would always show up in sparks of light, sometimes in messages from the skies. She was my anchor, my core.

I would hear her.

She, the divine, called me.

I first embodied her in a belly dancing class, where I learned to move freely through my hips. I wanted to feel her, especially through movement and the arts. She slithered through my body, as I took shape of the figure eight.

The timeless Goddess, the maiden, the mother and the crone. All of Her spoke to me, activating the aspects of myself that I knew were from a higher dimension, another time and space.

I did not understand then what I understand now, how all the Goddess energies and archetypes found their way through me. But it was Radha, the goddess of love and devotion, whose insatiable longing for the divine, that led me on my strange, exciting and adventurous journey.

She led me through the darkest of corridors, the sunlit patches of ecstasy, and through pretty much every healing modality. She led me back to the Goddess, back to the Divine.

Radha led me to my purpose. It was her love and devotion that led me to the Goddess Code, the living, breathing, complex blueprint that lives in every woman. And now I am here, writing to you. I cannot wait to share with you all the gems that I have collected while on the path of my own, sacred journey. And now, it is time that I share it all of it with you.