"Radhaa not only offers you support, she accompanies you on your journey to healing. As a double pisces, she has beautiful intuitive energy that will empower you to open to your untapped potential. My session with her allowed me to integrate aspects of my inner child and look upon my shadow from a place of reverence, respect and gratitude. I felt held and nurtured to access my sovereignty in a safe and welcoming environment. She helped me to uncover the roadblocks preventing me from unlocking the artist within and tap into my potent source of creativity. Thank you goddess!! Highly recommended!"


"Yesterday I had a Goddess CODE Activation session with Radhaa Nilia. It was powerful and exciting. I was filled with a surge of electricity and a pulse of determination that hasn't lost its fuel even 24 hours later. I'm on the verge of a new thing happening in my business and life. Radhaa provided me with clarity, an understanding of the root of my blocks, clearing of those blocks and a jolt towards my next great thing.Radhaa is kind, caring and compassionate and gave me great insight to the questions that have been lingering in my spirit. If you haven't signed up for her Goddess Activation Session, go do it now! Wait...why are you still reading this. Go sign up already! You know you want to."




"Radhaa is a very intuitive and gifted healer. I was having a very hard time processing and going through some very heavy emotional stuff with someone along with processing some childhood trauma. We talked for a while so she was able to assess the situation then we went into the work. She was able to pinpoint the areas that needed clearing and helped me to clear and bring forward some much more positive energy and love. I felt much better after and relieved and also she helped me to do some gentle discording of releasing this person, and ironically the very next day that person that I needed to work things out with contacted me and we were able to resolve things from a place of calmness and love not confusion or calamity. I am very grateful for Radhaa and all of her help and I highly recommend her as a conduit to anyone interested in healing and getting into digging out the roots of what needs healing and replacing with something more beneficial, balancing and loving."



By the end of this three hour intensive, you will feel a powerful and permanent shift. What you burn through will be replaced with a newfound fuel that will give you the quantum leap that you need.


"Now is my time. I am ready to show up fully for myself."


*THE PELE POWER VISION QUEST IS A HIGH TOUCH EXPERIENCE. it is years of clearing and healing compacted within just three hours. this is why I ONLY OPEN 6 SPOTS EACH YEAR FOR THIS LIFE CHANGING OFFERING.*